Mastercard Introduces Instacart and Peacock Perks for Eligible Cardholders: Unlock Savings and Benefits

Mastercard has recently added a new perk for eligible cardholders in partnership with Instacart and Peacock. This exciting collaboration aims to enhance the overall shopping experience for Mastercard users while providing them with exclusive benefits and rewards.

What are the Instacart Peacock perks?

The Instacart Peacock perks offer eligible Mastercard cardholders a range of benefits when they make purchases through the Instacart platform. With this new program, customers can enjoy various rewards and discounts that enhance their shopping experience and provide additional value.

One notable benefit is the option to receive a free Peacock Premium subscription for up to three months. This streaming service from NBCUniversal offers a wide range of popular movies and TV shows, making it an attractive addition to the perks package.

Another exciting perk is the opportunity to receive unlimited free grocery delivery on Instacart orders over $35. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently use Instacart to purchase groceries or other household items.

In addition, eligible Mastercard cardholders can access exclusive offers and discounts available only through the Instacart platform. These offers are designed to help users save money and make their shopping experience more affordable and enjoyable.

Lastly, cardholders can take advantage of Mastercard’s Priceless Experiences program, which provides unique opportunities like exclusive access to events, dining experiences, and VIP treatment. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity to the perks package.

How to take advantage of Instacart Peacock perks

To benefit from the Instacart Peacock perks, eligible Mastercard cardholders need to link their Mastercard to their Instacart account. Once linked, they can start enjoying the various perks and rewards offered through the program.

The process is simple and straightforward. Cardholders can follow these steps:

    • Download and open the Instacart app on their mobile device.
    • Sign up for an Instacart account or log in if they already have one.
    • Navigate to the Account section and select “Add a promo or gift card.”
    • Choose the Mastercard option and follow the on-screen instructions to link their card.
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Once the card is linked, eligible Mastercard users will be automatically enrolled in the Instacart Peacock perks program and can start enjoying the exclusive benefits right away.


The addition of Instacart Peacock perks for eligible Mastercard cardholders brings new value and exciting opportunities to enhance the shopping experience. With benefits like free Peacock Premium subscriptions, unlimited free grocery delivery, exclusive discounts, and access to Priceless Experiences, this collaboration offers an array of rewards for Mastercard users.

By linking their Mastercard to their Instacart account, cardholders can unlock these exclusive perks and make the most out of their shopping endeavors. Whether it’s enjoying premium entertainment, saving on delivery fees, accessing exclusive deals, or indulging in unforgettable experiences, the Instacart Peacock perks program aims to provide additional value and convenience to eligible Mastercard users.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits: Mastercard Collaborates with Instacart to Offer Exciting Perks to Eligible Cardholders

Unlock Exclusive Benefits: Mastercard Collaborates with Instacart to Offer Exciting Perks to Eligible Cardholders.

Mastercard has recently joined forces with Instacart, the popular grocery delivery service, to provide exclusive benefits and perks to eligible cardholders. This collaboration aims to enhance the shopping experience for consumers and reward their loyalty.

Through this partnership, Mastercard cardholders will gain access to a range of exciting perks when they use their cards for Instacart purchases. These perks may include discounts, promotions, free delivery, or even exclusive access to certain products or services. By leveraging the convenience of Instacart and the security and flexibility of Mastercard, cardholders can enjoy a seamless shopping experience while maximizing their savings.

This collaboration aligns with Mastercard’s commitment to providing value-added services to its cardholders. By partnering with popular brands like Instacart, Mastercard seeks to offer unique benefits that cater to the evolving needs of consumers. In an increasingly digital world, where online shopping has become the norm, this collaboration allows Mastercard to tap into the growing demand for convenient and accessible services.

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For eligible cardholders, accessing these exclusive benefits is straightforward. They can simply link their Mastercard to their Instacart account and shop as usual. The perks and discounts will be automatically applied at checkout, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Whether it’s saving money on groceries, accessing sought-after products, or enjoying free delivery, Mastercard’s collaboration with Instacart presents a valuable opportunity for eligible cardholders. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like these demonstrate the commitment of companies like Mastercard to meet the changing needs of consumers and provide them with enhanced experiences.

Related questions

How do Mastercard’s new perks with Instacart and Peacock benefit eligible cardholders?

Mastercard’s new perks with Instacart and Peacock offer significant benefits to eligible cardholders. With Instacart, Mastercard users can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts on grocery delivery and pickup services. This is particularly advantageous for individuals and families who rely on online grocery shopping and want to save money on their everyday essentials.

Additionally, Peacock, a popular streaming service, provides eligible Mastercard cardholders with special access and benefits. These benefits may include free or discounted subscriptions to Peacock’s premium tiers, which offer a wide range of entertaining content including TV shows, movies, live sports, and news.

By teaming up with these well-known companies, Mastercard aims to enhance the overall experience for their cardholders. These perks not only provide convenience but also help customers save money on essential goods and enjoy premium entertainment at a reduced cost. It’s important for eligible Mastercard users to take advantage of these perks and maximize the value they receive from their card membership.

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What are the advantages of using a Mastercard for travel expenses and how can it help with travel finance management?

Can Mastercard’s partnership with Instacart and Peacock influence small business strategy for eligible cardholders in terms of customer loyalty and rewards programs?

Mastercard’s partnerships with Instacart and Peacock can indeed have a significant impact on small business strategy for eligible cardholders in terms of customer loyalty and rewards programs. These partnerships provide an opportunity for small businesses to attract and retain customers through enhanced loyalty programs and rewards offerings.

By integrating with popular platforms like Instacart and Peacock, Mastercard enables small businesses to tap into a larger customer base and reach a more diverse audience. This expansion of customer reach can potentially result in increased sales and revenue for small businesses.

Moreover, the availability of loyalty and rewards programs through these partnerships can incentivize customers to choose small businesses over competitors. By offering exclusive discounts, cashback offers, or other rewards, small businesses can enhance their value proposition and build stronger relationships with their customers.

For eligible cardholders, these partnerships also present an opportunity to earn additional benefits and rewards by using their Mastercard for transactions on Instacart or subscriptions to Peacock. This can further drive customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

In terms of small business strategy, it is crucial for eligible cardholders to leverage these partnerships to their advantage. By actively promoting their participation in these programs and educating customers about the benefits, small businesses can strengthen their brand image and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Overall, Mastercard’s partnerships with Instacart and Peacock have the potential to positively influence small business strategy by providing opportunities for customer loyalty, rewards programs, and enhanced visibility. Small businesses should explore and capitalize on these partnerships to maximize their growth potential and stay competitive in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional financial advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified expert or conduct thorough research with official sources before making any financial decisions.


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